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Talk to someone

Have you just been diagnosed with bladder cancer or maybe you've just been told you need some further treatment of some kind? Members of our group are all affected by bladder cancer themselves and it's very likely that one or more of them has already experienced the same situation and treatment that you are now facing.

First step

Your first step in getting support should, of course, be your medical team. Your consultant, GP and specialist clinical support nurse (CSN) and others are there to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about your treatment.

However, at this point it is often very helpful to talk to someone who has been through and dealt with the same sort of procedures you now face. Whether you are the person with bladder cancer or their partner, friend or family member, one of our members is likely to be able to talk to you about how they coped, survived the treatment and started to plan for life afterwards.

Of course we would love to welcome you as a new member of our support group but if this is something you would rather not do we would still be very happy to put you in touch with one of our members to talk through things with you. To arrange this please contact one of the contacts, detailed below.


Chairman: Rob Stanton - Tel 0118 9328207

Ken Livett - Tel 0118 9695178
Barbara Chandler - Tel 07912 846984