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Reading Bladder Cancer Support Group Trust

Who are we?

Run entirely by volunteers and funded by public donation, we are a support group for men and women who have been diagnosed with bladder cancer and, importantly, also for their carers and partners. Support provided includes the opportunity to talk to other group members about their treatment choices and life after bladder cancer as well as to put questions to our medical guest speakers. We offer social events too. All of our patient members have had bladder cancer and one or a combination of the treatments available including TURBT, BCG, mitomycin, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and cystectomy with conduit/stoma or neobladder. We have a wealth of experience and information so can advise you on how to prepare for treatment and life afterwards. 

     You are not alone. Wherever you may live, we will be very happy to offer advice and support.

Where and when do we meet - due to the Coronavirus/Covid 19 situation, meetings are suspended until further notice but we are still contactable by email or phone

We meet at St Andrews Church Hall at the corner of Craven and London Roads, Reading, RG1 5BD, close to the main entrance of the Royal Berkshire Hospital. We meet monthly on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:00pm (Please refer to the "Meetings Programme"). At our monthly group meetings we invite a variety of speakers including consultants, nursing staff and medical equipment suppliers.

New members

New members are most welcome. Membership is FREE to patients, carers and partners. Many of our members first attend a meeting after diagnosis and before treatment. They find that listening to the experiences of other members is very helpful at this critical and very worrying time.  

Our objectives

We aim to relieve the needs of bladder cancer patients, their carers and their partners. We do this by offering free information, support and help to new and existing bladder cancer patients in an informal social setting. We offer a 'befriending' or one-to-one service to newly diagnosed patients and those undergoing treatment. We support the work of the Royal Berkshire Hospital urology department.

Nurse specialists

We work closely with our Royal Berkshire Hospital clinical nurse specialist who attends many of our meetings.

Medical information

The information that we can give is based on the experiences and treatments of members but we always recommend that patients see a urology and/or an oncology consultant for advice on treatment specific to them. Note that you may have your treatment at any hospital, not just the one nearest to you.


Our group was founded by the Royal Berkshire Hospital in October 2012 and currently we have around 60 members. We gained charitable status in January 2018.


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