Rob Stanton

Rob Stanton story of a Cancer Patient

Concerns started in late 2014 when blood discovered in urine

Following consultation with my own GP I was referred to RBH or Frimley Park and I choose RBH.

I also took advice from an independent GP who happened to be a colleague of mine.

I attended RBH within days, for a scan which showed up a tumour in the bladder and the hospital decided they needed to operate on me and did so within a week to remove the tumour.

The operation to remove the Tumour took place in February. The Hospital then undertook an analysis of the tumour. A meeting with the Consultant in my case Phillip Charlesworth was arranged. I was very grateful to my family for their support and them attending the meeting with me.

That was the worst time when you are told the situation and learn that your life is in real danger.

Part of the meeting is to consider options and in my case it was suggested that I could either go for Chemotherapy, Radium treatment or a complex piece of Surgery which included removal of the Bladder and any associated parts.

Having spoken to the family I went for the surgery.

Part of the decision includes to decide between a Stoma system, or a NEO bladder.

You need to think carefully here, and take advice. I decided to go for a Stoma and arranged a visit to the stoma nurse section for a briefing to fully understand the implications. It was finally agreed to undertake the operation on 21stApril 2015 which duly happened.

The recovery from that operation in the first few days in RBH was tough in a variety of ways and I cannot stress enough of what a challenge that is. You have discomfort, pain and you need a supportive family and staff in the hospital, and I was fortunate to have both. But you need them.

I found the days long and the nights even longer, and I could not sleep.

Going home was welcome, and within 8 days albeit I could not climb stairs, or look after myself in any way without help from others. Or even walk any distance.

You have in this time to learn how to manage the stoma, even though while in hospital they show you how to change and manage it, and you find it takes a lot of getting used to.

I was unlucky in that I picked up a serious infection within the week and had to return to Hospital for a further week. In total I was in RBH for just over 2 weeks.

Since that time some 4 months ago there has been very good days where my strength has slowly returned, but bad days as well and in my case a number of infections along the way.

I have been seeing my own GP a fair bit particularly with the infectious and of course the need for Antibiotics.

The first time you go out is a challenge and I went to the local park which was enough. Worked up to Tesco’s, and worked hard to remain positive and determined.

Maureen and I have since had short trip to Bournemouth and last week in North Wales to visit her family for a few days. We plan a trip to Spain in October.

Planning these trips has taken some thinking about with night bags, lots of pills, and of course just to add to the flavour I am also a diabetic.

In the first couple of months I was so weak and frustrated that I thought I would never recover and back to my normal self.

The staff here at RBH said I would but it would take time, and they are of course correct.

I have since been given the all clear following a recent scan.I will take this opportunity to place on record my thanks coupled with my wife and family to the excellent team at RBH for their expertise and care without which I doubt I would be standing here today talking to you.

I also think this group can do so much good in support of the hospital in the eternal battle with cancer.